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Welcome! A message to our clients:

In accordance with public health directives, the Law Offices of Fellom & Solorio is following the shelter-in-place order of the City of San Francisco and will be closed for the week of March 16 and until further notice when we can safely return to normal operating hours. We will regularly update this website with further information regarding our practice and immigration news relevant to our clients.If you require immediate assistance, please email [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> and a member of our team will return your email.

Please be advised of the following:

  • All USCIS in-person appointments in San Francisco and San Jose (Santa Clara), including asylum interviews, have been cancelled through April 6, and appointments at other offices nationwide have been cancelled through at least April 1. Individuals with appointments during this period will receive a cancelation notice in the mail and a notice of new appointment when operations resume. Naturalization ceremonies have likewise been suspended for the time being. For official updates, please visit https://www.uscis.gov/
  • USCIS fingerprint appointments have also been cancelled through at least April 6 at the following USCIS application support centers, which are now closed: Oakland, Salinas, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Rosa. Individuals with biometrics appointments should wait until these offices reopen. Other USCIS application Support Centers will likewise be closed until at least April 1. Individuals with biometrics appointments will receive notice of a new appointment once services resume.
  • ICE check-ins for individuals under supervision have been indefinitely postponed at the ICE San Francisco Field Office and will be contacted at a later date with new check-in dates. Individuals with orders to check in at other offices should contact those offices to obtain up-to-date information: https://www.ice.gov/covid19
  • Immigration court hearings for non-detained individuals have been cancelled indefinitely. If you were scheduled to attend a hearing during this time, you will receive a notice of a new date in the mail if the court has your current address. You can also call the court’s automated line, 1-800-898-7180, and enter your A-number, located in your court paperwork, to check on your hearing dates. We are not aware of the accuracy of such information at this time. For further information, please check the court’s Twitter at: https://twitter.com/DOJ_EOIR
  • Visa appointments have been cancelled until further notice at U.S. consulates in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. For details, please consult the following websites:

Mexico: https://mx.usembassy.gov/

Guatemala: https://gt.usembassy.gov/

Nicaragua: https://ni.usembassy.gov/

El Salvador: <https://sv.usembassy.gov/> https://sv.usembassy.gov/

– Visa appointments in the Philippines are continuing as normal at this time. Please consult the U.S. Embassy’s web site for further information: https://ph.usembassy.gov/

We hope you and your family are in good health and look forward to serving you as normal once restrictions are lifted.


Conforme a las recomendaciones de salud pública, La Oficina Legal de Fellom & Solorio acatará a la orden de la Ciudad de San Francisco limitando actividades no esenciales y permanecerá cerrada durante la semana del 16 de marzo y hasta nuevo aviso una vez que podamos reanudar nuestras horas hábiles regulares. Este sitio será actualizado con regularidad con mayores informes respecto a nuestro despacho y con noticias de inmigración relevantes para nuestros clientes. Si necesita asistencia inmediata, por favor escríbanos un correo electrónico a <mailto:[email protected]> [email protected] y un miembro de nuestro equipo se pondrá en contacto con usted.

Por favor tengan en consideración lo siguiente:

  • Todas las citas con el servicio de inmigración, USCIS, en San Francisco y Santa Clara han sido canceladas hasta el 6 de abril y todas las citas en persona con USCIS hasta el 1ero de abril en la nacion entera han sido canceladas. Las personas con citas durante este periodo recibirán un aviso de cancelación por correo y un aviso de su nueva fecha de entrevista una vez que USCIS vuelva a sus operaciones normales. Las ceremonias de juramentación de ciudadanía igualmente han sido canceladas. Para mayores informes, consulte: https://www.uscis.gov/
  • Las citas con USCIS para reunir sus datos biométricos (huellas) han sido canceladas hasta el 6 de abril como mínimo en los siguientes centros de atención a solicitantes de USCIS: Oakland, Salinas, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Rosa. Las personas con citas en estos locales recibirán una notificación de su cita nueva una vez que USCIS reanude sus operaciones ordinarias.
  • Las citas para verificar su presencia con ICE en persona han sido suspendidas hasta nuevo aviso para las personas con obligación de registrarse con ICE en San Francisco. Las personas con citas para registrarse con ICE en otras oficinas deben llamar a esas oficinas para mayores informes. https://www.ice.gov/es/guia-de-ice-sobre-el-covid-19
  • La corte de inmigración ha cancelado indefinidamente todas las audiencias para personas no detenidas. Si usted tenía una cita para una audiencia durante este periodo, recibirá una notificación de su nueva audiencia por correo si la corte tiene su dirección actual. También puede llamar al número automatizado de la corte, 1-800-898-7180 e ingresar su número de inmigración de nueve dígitos, que puede ubicar en sus documentos de la corte (el “A-number”) para confirmar su fecha de audiencia. No podemos confirmar que por ahora estas fechas son precisas. Para mayores informes, consulte el Twitter de la corte de inmigración: <https://twitter.com/DOJ_EOIR> https://twitter.com/DOJ_EOIR
  • Las citas de visa han sido canceladas hasta nuevo aviso en los consulados de Estados Unidos en México, Guatemala, El Salvador y Nicaragua. Para mayores informes, consulte sus sitios web:
  • México: <https://mx.usembassy.gov/es/> https://mx.usembassy.gov/es
  • Guatemala: <https://gt.usembassy.gov/es/> https://gt.usembassy.gov/es/
  • Nicaragua: <https://ni.usembassy.gov/es/> https://ni.usembassy.gov/es/
  • El Salvador: <https://sv.usembassy.gov/es/> https://sv.usembassy.gov/es/

Esperamos que usted y su familia estén bien durante este momento incierto y estamos deseosos de atenderlos normalmente una vez que las restricciones sean suspendidas.

The Law Offices of Fellom & Solorio

About Us

Certified Specialist in U.S. Immigration Law; Se Habla Español; Practicing for more than 20 years

The Law Offices of Fellom & Solorio was established as a partnership in January 1995 between Nancy A. Fellom and Paula J. Solorio, Attorneys at Law. The firm was previously a sole proprietorship doing business as the Law Offices of Nancy A. Fellom from 1989 in San Francisco. The firm currently employs three associate attorneys and four support staff, in addition to the two partners.

The Law Offices of Fellom & Solorio is dedicated to providing the highest level of representation to immigrants seeking to enter the United States or to remain here. We represent clients from all backgrounds and are committed to providing superior representation at an affordable cost. Our clients seek to improve the lives of their families and communities and to work hard to accomplish their dreams. We respect these ideals, and we work with our clients to reunite families in the United States.

At present, the firm is managing more than 1,500 open files dealing with all aspects of immigration law — including political asylum, deportation defense, naturalization, family reunification and business immigration. The firm is a designated legal services provider for the San Francisco Culinary Workers, Bartenders and Service Employees Union, Local 2. The vast majority of clients are individuals who are being referred by former clients, non-profit agencies and other attorneys.

The partners are committed to assisting political refugees, who often are non-English-speaking, with complex asylum claims. Fellom & Solorio is proud to take on the challenging cases that are often declined by other firms. In doing so, Fellom & Solorio has gained the respect of the DHS, colleagues and opposing counsel.

The firm volunteers a minimum of 20 attorney hours per month as pro bono counsel with the Immigration Court. Also, we volunteer with the Centro Legal de La Raza immigration project and are frequently called upon to mentor other attorneys through the Lawyers Committee Pro Bono Asylum Project. We are proud to be listed as a low-fee referral by La Raza, BASF, ILRC and the National Directory of Public Interest Law Firms. Both partners are State Bar Certified Specialists in U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law and are frequent presenters at CLE seminars. All attorneys and staff are bilingual, in Spanish and English.